Tuesday, 29 May 2012

As Cool As A Cucumber

Whilst I was working on my book The Greatest Guide to Green Living (available as an eBook and a physical book) I collected the best hints and tips for reducing, recycling and reusing as I could find. I also found uses for everyday items for example I discovered baking soda and vinegar are great items to help you clean your home and help cut down on the use of cleaning chemicals.

I am still an avid collector of such useful tips and thankfully family and friends still send them to me. I recently recieived an email from a friend containing tips for alternate uses for the humble cucumber. Although I've only tested the results for tips one and five (both of which worked for me) I still wanted to share them with you. So here are five of the most useful tips she sent me:

Fed up with your bathroom mirror misting up each time you enjoy a hot bath or shower? Then cut yourself a slice of cucumber (or use the end you would normally put into the composter), rub over the mirrors surface then buff with a soft cloth or tissue. It should cut down on the this annoying little problem.

Do you love your garden but hate to use chemicals to wage war on those bugs and slugs that are eating your plants? If you place a few slices of cucumber in an aluminium tin those little critters will move next door. Apparently the chemicals in the cucumber react with the aluminium and this reaction gives off a revolting scent humans can't smell but garden pests can.

Rather than reach for the shoe polish reach for a cucumber. Cut a slice of cucumber and rub over your shoes for a quick shine that also repels water. Obviously this does not work on suede or similar textured surfaces and doing a small test patch first is always advisable when trying something new.

That squeaky door hinge driving you crazy? Rub the offending hinge with a slice of cucumber and the problem should be solved.

Sinks and taps in need of a shine? Again reach for that cucumber. Slice, rub then buff with a soft cloth or tissue and your taps and sinks will regain some of their lustre.

As I've already said I've only had a chance to try tips one and five and found they worked for me. If you decide to try any of the above please note I take no responsibility for the results.

However if you try any please let me know the results (good or bad), so I can update this post.